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New York Represented by Everyday New Yorkers

Hello there!

My name is John Scott and I am your State Committee member from Assembly District 34 representing the amazing neighborhoods of Astoria, East Elmhurst, and Jackson Heights, Queens! I am running for re-election in 2024 for State Committee, and also to be one of your Judicial Delegates.

As your State Committee member for AD 34, I have written and passed resolutions on passing LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum in New York State, phasing out the dirtiest fossil fuel "peaker" power plants, and addressing environmental discrepancies in neighborhoods based off race. I have sponsored resolutions with other colleagues on including social workers in NYS courtrooms, called for increased transparency in the NYS budgeting process, and called for the passage of the Build Public Renewables Act. None of this work would be possible without your support and I am looking forward to continuing this fight in New York Democratic State Committee!

I was born and raised in Connecticut, and growing up I always felt like something about me was different. I loved science, animals, and watching old episodes of The West Wing with my parents; none of which played well in middle school. This was the time of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, blatant homophobia, and when I entered high school, only one state had legalized same-sex marriages. And while it may have been difficult for young queer people just like me in the early 2000s, it forged me into the out and proud gay man that I am today.

My life changed in 2008 when I moved to New York City. For the first time in my life, I finally felt like I could exhale and truly be myself. In short, it felt like home. And for the past six years, I have been privileged enough to call Astoria, Queens my home. This is the neighborhood where I have spent summer afternoons in Astoria Park, where I have developed an obsession with Greek Frappe coffee, where I have spent time developing pandemic hobbies, and spent many a night dancing at our local gay bars. And while the past six years have been some of the best of my life, I have also been a witness to this neighborhood changing around me.

I have seen the New York I love become harder and harder for average New Yorkers to afford things such as their rent or groceries. I have seen our city impacted by a global pandemic, and have spent many nights hearing ambulance sirens not far off in the distance. I’ve witnessed a criminal justice system that favors incarceration over rehabilitation and reform. And I have seen climate change impact our community through storms that have increased in frequency and intensity each passing year.

But we together as Queens residents have the ability to solve all of these crises and positively impact our community’s future. We can elect representation in Albany that prioritizes the needs of small businesses and tenants over large corporations or developers. We can elect leaders who believe that health care is a human right, and should be for everyone and not just those of us who are employed. We can choose to nominate judges to the New York State Supreme Court that believe in revolutionizing our carceral system so that less New Yorkers end up behind bars. And we can demand a Green New Deal for New York so that we can all have a cleaner and healthier environment in our neighborhood.

We have the power to shape the future of Astoria and Jackson Heights. We have the power to elect progressive representatives on all levels of government. We have the power to have everyday New Yorkers represented by everyday New Yorkers. And that is why I am running again to be your State Committee person and Judicial Delegate!

Vote on June 25th, 2024!


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